The Bouari Program

Dear Bouari Clinic Client,

Congratulations on your decision to make weight loss and health your number one priority. Whether your desire is simply to lose weight, have extra energy, feel more youthful and confident, the Bouari Program and its qualified team members are here to help you achieve your desired success.

For some of you, weight loss may have been a struggle all your life. Thousands of people have lost weight safely and increased their quality of life by participating in the Bouari Program.

The Bouari Program is revolutionary in its approach to addressing obesity. You will be absolutely amazed at the spectacular results that this program offers.

The Bouari Difference.

We offer a system that promotes a safe, natural approach to weight loss that is based on eating “real foods” . Unlike most programs that focus on suppressing the appetite and limiting food intake, we will instruct you on what foods to eat that will optimize nutrition and promote fat-burning, while restricting those foods that quickly turn to
fat . Weight loss will be substantial, and will instill lasting motivation.

The Bouari Program is an easy to manage system! No calorie counting or weighing of food portions are required. Instead, the focus is on learning how and what to eat to lose and then maintain your weight .

The Bouari Program provides many benefits . As anyone who has done a crash diet can tell you, weight quickly lost through food deprivation or starvation is weight destined to return . This is not a crash diet . The popular belief many people have of “calories in-calories out” is simply not the factor in weight loss and obesity . Continuous calorie restriction almost always backfires because your body thinks its starving, so your brain sets off a chain of chemical
processes, ultimately slowing down the body’s metabolism . A sluggish metabolism, however allows the body to store more fat . It can be an extremely frustrating and disheartening struggle to lose even a single pound despite making healthy food choices and exercising regularly.
The rate of weight loss experienced on the Bouari Program is safe and motivating. Our clients lose an average of three to five+ pounds per week. The amount you lose can be influenced by individual variables such as age, gender, starting weight, and how strictly you follow the program.
The difference is:
• No surgery.
• No prescription drugs.
• No packaged foods.
• Not an exercise program.

The Bouari Plan.

During the weight-loss portion of the program you will be on a nutrient- dense, low-fat, eating plan. Consuming healthy foods 4 to 6 times a day, of lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and low glycemic fruits. The Bouari Plan will help you lose weight and place your body into fat–burning mode. You will burn fat and turn it into a source of fuel for your body.

This plan used in conjunction with our proprietary supplements were developed to increase your metabolism and promote optimal weight loss. Throughout this process you will learn the building blocks to your desired weight loss goal.

With the Bouari Program, the Advantage is Yours!
Our strategic fat-burning food plan in conjunction with our all-natural, FDA registered, proprietary formula Advantage which was designed to support the endocrine system; specifically what we refer to as the P .H .A .T . (Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Adrenal and Thyroid) glands .The Advantage formula assists in weight loss by controlling hunger and appetite during the weight loss process . You will not feel like you’re on a diet because; hunger is not an issue . The human body was designed to store fat and then burn it as fuel . It strives to maintain body weight (fat stores) to ensure that there is an adequate amount of fuel available when needed Whenever you significantly limit your intake of carbohydrates (starches) and use the Advantage formula, your body will draw on its alternative energy system; FAT stores for fuel . This means your body will burn fat and turn it into a source of fuel . In other words, your body naturally recycles your stored body fat .It’s a simple, natural, and effective program…that works!

Get Ready For Success.
Focus on your goal & stay positive! When making a life change with new eating habits, the first few days are the hardest. Establish a support system of family and friends until you get into a routine of a healthier eating pattern. The Bouari team is here to provide you unlimited support.

Please advise the Bouari staff of any medications you are on prior to starting the program. As you lose weight, you may find that your need for blood pressure and/or diabetes medications may change. It’s important to monitor and inform your healthcare practitioner of any changes.

Our program does not recommend high intensity exercise, we do encourage light to moderate physical activity to promote a healthy cardiovascular system and assist the body in burning fat more rapidly.

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